The concept for PASSION was born out of William DiPietra's infatuation with a woman.
Late one winter night, while in the midst of emotional turmoil, he began to ask the age-old
fundamental question, "What is love?" That night he wrote the one and one-half page
treatment which would be the beginning of a three-year process.

"I wanted to depict the emotion of love on-screen - not only between a man and a woman,
but between man and all that surrounds him. So I took a step back and tried to look at things
from a different perspective. I think that comes across in the film,"
says William.

In keeping with the film's themes, PASSION was shot entirely with natural light, on-location in
Brooklyn and Queens, New York. William edited the film on his Steenbeck ST-900W and
financed the entire production using the "produce-as-you-go" method over a period of three

PASSION is William DiPietra's second film with actor John Vassiliou. Richmond Productions, Inc.
proudly presents PASSION as its first production.

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