November, 2014
Principal photography for Night - A Visual Poem is completed.

July, 2014
Pre-production for Night - A Visual Poem begins.

April, 2014
The acquisition of a new Steenbeck ST-1901 restores Richmond Productions, Inc. to a
full-service 16mm prodcution company once again.

October, 2012
Hurricane Sandy hits Howard Beach, New York, flooding William DiPietra's basement. Much of
Richmond Productions' early films & equipment are destroyed, including the Steenbeck ST-900W.

April, 2012
PASSION makes its Southern Premiere at the 43rd Annual Nashville Film Festival on Sunday,
April 22nd at the Regal Cinemas 16 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Although not selected to be screened at this year's festival, PASSION is chosen as an Official
Selection of the 2012 Cannes Independent Film Festival to be screened at various universities
throughout France & Spain in September.

November, 2011
PASSION makes its Midwest Premiere at the 6th Annual Illinois International Film Festival on
Saturday, November 19th at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

Although not selected to be screened at this year's festival, PASSION is awarded a 2011 Nevada
Film Festival Platinum Reel Award
for "Standout Filmmaking."

August, 2011
PASSION makes its World Premiere as an Official Selection of the 4th Annual Columbia Gorge
International Film Festival
in Vancouver, Washington on August 12, 2011. It earns the fesitval's
Best "Shortest" Experimental Film

July, 2010
William DiPietra completes work on his avant-garde short film, PASSION, the first production of
Richmond Productions, Inc.

June, 2010
In June of 2010, Richmond Productions, Inc. receives this response from Kodak regarding its
Petition Against the Elimination of Kodak Plus-X Film.

May, 2010
In April of 2010, Kodak announces that it will no longer manufacture its slow-speed, black & white
motion picture film, Plus-X. This comes as a significant blow to the global film community, many of
which still use Plus-X due in part to its beautiful contrast and fine grain. The legendary stock has
been in circulation for over 70 years. With the elimination of the stock in all of its formats
(5231/35mm negative, 7231/16mm negative and 7265/16mm reversal,) Kodak is severely limiting
filmmakers' choices. In addition, Plus-X reversal (7265) has been a long-standing favorite for
educators and film students on shoe-string budgets. Kodak's decision leaves them with only Tri-X
reversal as a potential substitute.

Once this is announced, Richmond Productions, Inc. begins a corporate campaign against the
elimination of Kodak Plus-X stocks. Filmmakers, educators and film students from around the
world add their names to the Plus-X petition, written by William DiPietra. On May 11, 2010,
Richmond Productions, Inc. sends the petition to the Kodak offices in New York City, Los Angeles
and to Kodak headquarters in Rochester, NY.

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