Richmond Productions, Inc. was established June 7th, 2007 and is committed to creating
meaningful films that will once again make the audience an active participant of the cinematic

I believe that a return to the very basic human concepts that filmmakers such as Sergei
Eisenstein, Roberto Rossellini, Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Federico Fellini and
Andrei Tarkovsky so effectively placed on celluloid, as well as in our hearts and minds, is
necessary in order for cinema to survive. No film can be considered a film unless it grasps
the human experience and I feel that it is the duty of independent production companies
such as this to remind and educate audiences just how important, powerful and magical the
cinema can be.

Furthermore, I believe that it is necessary to preserve film as an artful medium for future
filmmakers. With this in mind, Richmond Productions, Inc. will produce short 16mm films
of varying genres and seeks to collaborate with other independent filmmakers who wish to
create personal, thought-provoking films.

William DiPietra

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